Bicycle Unit Among Police Swarming City Streets with IMPACT Patrols


Chelsea, MA. If you’ve been looking for police presence along city streets you’ll certainly be pleased at seeing the department deployed more than 4000 IMPACT patrols last year alone contributing to crime totals being down by 24.35%, according to the 2013 Annual Report published in March. Chelsea Police Captain William Dana announced in early May the Department will continue with it’s IMPACT (“Improved Methods of Patrolling Area Crime Trends”) policing strategies, which focuses on a combination of foot patrols, bicycle patrols, and cruiser’s to name a few. Dana said Patrol Officers will continue to get out of their police cruiser and walk the neighborhood. The present day Bicycle Unit which Chief Kyes formed in 2009 will be out riding a bicycle for a part of the shift.

Safety is paramount for officers, cyclists, pedestrian’s, and motorists alike. With this in mind, Chelsea Police are working with several agencies; MassBike, DPH, Boston PD, City of Cambridge, and more by distributing to you important materials in an effort to promote awareness as a part of Bay State Bike Week and the enforcement of bicycle laws.

“Shifting Gears: Bicyclists & Public Safety.” video

Multilingual “Parent Guides to Bike Safety”  Publications

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