JAG Grant Meeting

The City of Chelsea Police Department is applying for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Formula Program: Local Solicitation 2023. The application abstract is attached. Please reach out to Ledia Koco at with any questions. Any comments are welcome, and a meeting will be held via Zoom on August 28, 2023 at11:00 AM with regards to this application (CPD JAG Zoom Meeting Link).


  1. Personnel $ 31,026
  2. Fringe Benefits _____-0-_____
  3. Travel _____-0-______
  4. Equipment _____-0-______
  5. Supplies _____-0-______
  6. Construction _____-0-______
  7. Consultants/Contracts _____-0-______
  8. Other $ __________

Total Direct Costs:                __$ 31,026____


Applicant: City of Chelsea/Chelsea Police Department
Title of Project: Chelsea Police JAG Local 23
Amount: $31,026

Goals: Specialized Gang, Drug and Anti-Crime Unit Initiatives to impact high crime areas as directed by crime analysis, community input and intelligence
Strategies: More officers on the street: Continued deployment of specialized gang, drug and anti-crime units as assigned to focus crime reduction initiatives. Engaged community input through direct officer public interaction, community meetings and computer technology available to the public via text-to–tips and hotlines and social media accounts. Work with Crime Analysis Unit to pin point trends and geographic locations around city where crime or disturbances are happening. Work with Community Services Division who will be on the street meeting with community partners on a daily basis.
Deliverables: High saturation of neighborhoods with increased police presence of officers and to provide covert operations at specified target locations throughout the city.
Coordination Plans: CPD will coordinate with the community directly, regional police departments, state police, federal agencies and community groups in a comprehensive effort to reduce crime.
Project Identifiers: Program area will be under Law Enforcement. Top five identifiers to be
centered on will be: Repeat Offenders, Gangs/Drugs, Community Policing, Firearms and Violence/Violent Crime.