Common Disqualifiers

  • Common-DisqualifiersUnsatisfactory completion of the application.
  • False statements.
  • Any open or unresolved, criminal or civil cases currently in a court system.
  • Conviction of any crime which is a serious misdemeanor under the laws of the united State, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or any other State law, i.e., vehicular homicide, narcotics offenses,
  • violations of domestic restraining orders, a misdemeanor involving domestic restraining orders, misdemeanor involving domestic violence, morals offenses, etc.
  • Significant motor vehicle history (Including parking violations).
  • Alcohol abuse or substance abuse.
  • History of incidents of domestic abuse and/or child abuse.
  • Circumstances surrounding unsatisfactory or dishonorable discharge form the military.
  • History of Unsatisfactory employment relating to vacation and personal time and circumstances of termination, suspensions, resignations and job related injuries.
  • History Of criminal behavior denoting a bad moral